Couldn’t help myself – I had to take my tripod and camera to Mexico because I knew the photo opportunities would be endless.  And the models were teriffic!  :)  Such a photogenic bunch (well at least the kids!).  I think it would be amazing to shoot destination vacations for families!

 Family Portrait: Brandon, Corinne, KB, Mike, McKinley, Brian

KB & Mike

Brian and McKinley

 Brandon and Corinne

 And after a 7:45am photo shoot on the beach – we went back to the room, had coffee and breakfast, and ventured out to our next adventure in Cabo.  Check out all 30 photos on my Spicewood Studios Facebook Page!



Next time you have a birthday party celebration and want to make sure you get photos of your guests, create a colorful “photo wall” with balloons, confetti, and streamers in the background.   Put a table of props beside it and let your guests have fun posing for the camera.  My nieces dreamed up this little idea – and also provided signs and markers for guests to create their own messages.  It was so much fun that even their grandparents got into the picture!

Happy Birthday Becky!