January and February are usually slow months for portrait photography.  Everyone is busy with their New Years resolutions, and recovering from egg-nog season.  So it gives me time to breathe, appreciate nature, and enjoy  photography just “because”.  Some people like the ocean, some like the forest, I love the desert – the magic of the wide open spaces – the sky – the stars – the craggy rocks and prickly underbrush – and in Tucson, I can never get enough of the saguaro cactus.


It’s always difficult to leave Texas just as the weather cools off, and the rains arrive, and my outdoor plants are no longer gasping from the heat of summer.  But every October we head to Cabo for our appointed timeshare week at the gorgeous Villa de Arco.  Our week ALWAYS begins with a fishing expedition, early in the morning, and the magic of the ocean at sunrise never ceases to leave me breathless…..

Cabo San Lucas, Karen Bruett Photography, Sunrise, Daylight, Fishing

Sunrise, Fishing, Cabo San Lucas, Karen Bruett Photography

Beachfront Sunrise, Villa De Arco, Cabo San Lucas, Karen Bruett Photography



Couldn’t help myself – I had to take my tripod and camera to Mexico because I knew the photo opportunities would be endless.  And the models were teriffic!  :)  Such a photogenic bunch (well at least the kids!).  I think it would be amazing to shoot destination vacations for families!

 Family Portrait: Brandon, Corinne, KB, Mike, McKinley, Brian

KB & Mike

Brian and McKinley

 Brandon and Corinne

 And after a 7:45am photo shoot on the beach – we went back to the room, had coffee and breakfast, and ventured out to our next adventure in Cabo.  Check out all 30 photos on my Spicewood Studios Facebook Page!



Lake Travis (Spicewood, Texas)

The recent rains helped quench the thirst of trees and cactus, but did little for Lake Travis.  Walked down to the check things out this morning (with camera and tripodin tow) to see if there waas any increase in the lake level as a result of the recent rain.  No noticable change, but it was a gentle, beautiful sunrise none the less….  see below.

Lake Travis Drought Spicewood Texas

Sunrise during the drought Lake Travis, Spicewood Texas