It’s been many years …..

After a 4-5 year hiatus from photography, I’m feeling ready to dip my toes back in and do family/children outdoor portraits, special events, and candid photography here in the Spicewood area. Took a break while my husband was ill with cancer (he passed away in 2020), and am just now coming out of the fog. I’m a professional photographer, trained at the Hallmark Institute, but more important than being a photographer, I think of myself as a memory-keeper. I care deeply about the people, places, and stories of our lives. So if you have a special event or special person that you want to remember with photographs and/or a memory book, give me a call or text ac 512 ph 422 9479. Peace – KB

Dance of the Spider Woman

This morning was cold, and damp. I was reconsidering my morning walk when I noticed the trees at the corner of our yard were filled with spider webs. There were streamers, ribbons, pinwheels, and half moons wrapped around the bushes, and entangled in the brush. I followed the spider’s handiwork as it danced across the treetops, and spun down to the river. I walk this path every morning and wondered, “how could I miss these webs?” And then I realized that sometimes it takes a misty morning to see things clearly.


Cabo Vacation!

It’s always difficult to leave Texas just as the weather cools off, and the rains arrive, and my outdoor plants are no longer gasping from the heat of summer.  But every October we head to Cabo for our appointed timeshare week at the gorgeous Villa de Arco.  Our week ALWAYS begins with a fishing expedition, early in the morning, and the magic of the ocean at sunrise never ceases to leave me breathless…..

Cabo San Lucas, Karen Bruett Photography, Sunrise, Daylight, Fishing

Sunrise, Fishing, Cabo San Lucas, Karen Bruett Photography

Beachfront Sunrise, Villa De Arco, Cabo San Lucas, Karen Bruett Photography


Minature donkey and a little girl

It isn’t every day you get to shoot on the BEAUTIFUL grounds of Nancy Whitworth’s home.  She has been doing family and child portrait photography for 30 years in Austin and has created such beautiful images.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to photography a dear friend of her family whose daughters LOVE  her minature donkeys, and got permission to do a session at her home.









And FINALLY we get her to look (briefly) at the camera.  She was infactuated with the donkey the entire time!

Maternity Shoot – Husband and wife

I’ve been anxious to try a low key session in the studio – mostly I shoot families and children and sometimes the moody light of low key just doesn’t work.  But my niece was looking for some maternity photos, she is absolutely beautiful, and pregnant with twins, and she and her husband were game for whatever.  So we spent an hour in the studio and came up with some great images ….

Then we combined black on black and white on black images….

And because she is pregnant with a twin girl and twin boy, we decided to turn up all the lights, switch out the background and lighting to high key, and have a little fun!


Hat Days – Round Two

I always like to finish “Hat Days” with my grand-nieces and nephew.  After an hour of doing individual hat photos EVERYONE was a little bit cranky.  But with lots of Aunties there to assist, and promises of ice cream for good behavior, we tried getting the three of them together  for one last shot … classic!

Let’s never forget … boys WILL be boys!

Inbetween rainshowers we caught a few images at Bull Creek.  I so appreciate it when moms tell me “You’re going to hate what they are wearing, but this is who they ARE right now” … and you know what, she’s absolutely right.  Photography is all about capturing the moment, the memories, and the personalities.  Not some made up image, but the real deal….  Here we are right before the youngest falls headfirst into the water.  Here’s to keeping it real. 🙂

Cannot help myself, I love to finish out photos with a vintage feel…

Not for everyone, but there is something lovely about soft edges, and a sepia tone that makes me nostalgic.  Take this bluebonnet photo – it’s perfectly fine in color, but there is something about the way the eyes jump out in the processed version that I just love…

Infant Boy, Outdoor Bluebonnets, Vintage Finish

Here is the same photo, but as shot, in full color.  Nothing wrong with it – and some might like the color version even more.

Child Portrait, Outdoor, Bluebonnets

Child Portrait, Color, Bluebonnet Fields