Inbetween rainshowers we caught a few images at Bull Creek.  I so appreciate it when moms tell me “You’re going to hate what they are wearing, but this is who they ARE right now” … and you know what, she’s absolutely right.  Photography is all about capturing the moment, the memories, and the personalities.  Not some made up image, but the real deal….  Here we are right before the youngest falls headfirst into the water.  Here’s to keeping it real. :)


One of the things I encourage EVERY family to do is make sure to get generational images – family images – mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, cousins, nices, nephews.  It’s amazing how quickly time flies, and it seems that as I get older the photographs that bring the most joy to my heart are those that include my siblings and my parents/grandparents.  There just aren’t enough of them.

I’ve been crazy busy this fall doing lots of family and sibling images, and I need to get better about posting them, but here are a few favortes from a session in October.   These were done at the grandmother’s request – and she specifically wanted to capture some candid images, and relaxed poses – so we went for a walk and hoped to catch some moments that were natural and relaxed.



























































Couldn’t help myself – I had to take my tripod and camera to Mexico because I knew the photo opportunities would be endless.  And the models were teriffic!  :)  Such a photogenic bunch (well at least the kids!).  I think it would be amazing to shoot destination vacations for families!

 Family Portrait: Brandon, Corinne, KB, Mike, McKinley, Brian

KB & Mike

Brian and McKinley

 Brandon and Corinne

 And after a 7:45am photo shoot on the beach – we went back to the room, had coffee and breakfast, and ventured out to our next adventure in Cabo.  Check out all 30 photos on my Spicewood Studios Facebook Page!



I have this thing for sepia, and family photos, and braces, and brother-sister relationships, and those handful of images you’ll look back at 20 years from now and treasure!   This is one of those.



So we had a conversation before our portrait session about wardrobe and Mom decided it would be best to let HER decide what she wanted to wear to have her picture taken.  GREAT call!   No surprise, she chose her princess dress but insisted on wearing just ONE shoe (not pictured).   Honestly, what girl (little or big) doesn’t, in their heart of hearts, want to be a princess!